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Our journey inworld of craft beer it started in 2019, partly for fun and partly out of curiosity, but above all with the idea of starting from the fundamentals: that is, from the land. In a world as varied and always full of news as that ofbeer, the only path we liked to take was that of maximum care and attention toraw material.


Thus, on the lands surrounding ours farmhouse we planted in Cupramontanaorganic barley and we malted it at theVallescura company. Then we found ihops a few kilometers from us, in Fabriano at the companyGreen Fog. Finally, we have started a wonderful collaboration with the master brewerMarco Simoni, which in hisBirraformante microbrewery of Casette d'Ete (Fm) makes the beer for us.


Our first beer, our flagship, oneHoppy Season top fermented Belgian style, fresh and thirst-quenching, with a pleasantly bitter and citrusy finish thanks to Cascade hops. The colors of the Marche summer are all here.


Vol. 5.3

0.5l bottle

Also available on tap in 20l kegs



Our Verano spent six months in onebarriques used to reflect on the transience of human things. It came out riper, wiser, with more alcohol, more acidity and a beautiful copper color. AFarmhouse Ale which helps you think.


Vol. 7.3

0.5l bottle


AIGA (Italian Grape Ale) soft and changeable, complex and enveloping. The fermentation was started withgrape must of La Distesa, one of the most acclaimed Italian biodynamic wine companies. The presence of the stems and some whole bunches also gave the beer a surprising freshness.


Vol. 6,7

0.5l bottle


Verano beer is also available in20 liter drums for parties and private events withspinner two-way infree loan for use

Write to us for more information.

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