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About us


This place has existed for a hundred years. Two houses attached, one in stone from the end of the 19th century, the other more modern built in the 1930s. Around 5 hectares of arable land cultivated in rotation (wheat, barley, field beans, chickpea) and a riparian wood with some centuries-old specimens of black alder, black and white poplar, white willow, as well as elms and hazelnuts. Red foxes and roe deer, badgers and wild boars often appear in the woods.


Grandfather Domenico bought the property during the Second World War. As was the custom of the time, a family of sharecroppers lived there. Nerilde and Francò, they were called: she was a very good housewife, who was also a great help to her husband who took care of raising about fifteen Marches cattle in the large stable that was part of the house.





From left: Nerilde, Corrado, Francò, dad and me

The Expanse_2.jpg

Dad, thanks to the tenacity of my mother, on the death of his grandfather kept the property, despite the distance from Milan and the total absence of any economic return. It was simply a family place, to be preserved . As a child, it was the 80s, I used to come here in the summer to spend afternoons full of sun and adventures. With my brother Corrado we invented a thousand ways to delay the time of return, to stay as much as possible in the open air, as is normal for two city children.


Then the turning point: in 2000 Corrado and his wife Valeria decide to change their lives and move right between these walls. Thus was born La Distesa , an agricultural company that produces biodynamic wine and which immediately started the hospitality business. In these twenty years La Distesa has established itself as a splendid winemaking reality, known to enthusiasts from all over the world.



From left: Corrado, Valeria, Giacomo and Giulia

We arrive today , year 2021. Corrado and Valeria move to San Michele, to stay close to the vineyards and the cellar. And here is a new beginning: the farm passes into my hands, younger and less experienced, and changes its name but not its skin . In this new project, which I share with my partner Loretta, we would like the farm to become more and more a meeting place, a place where things happen, where there is music and art. Precisely because I have dedicated my whole life (at least up to now) to playing, writing music, producing records, designing events, teaching. But we would also like it to remain a place where you can simply relax, enjoy the sunset, drink good wine. In short, where to feel good.


Therefore L'Esinante , which is the name of a small stream that flows nearby. Because in the end for my grandfather, my mom, my dad, my brother, this place has always been called this for all of us.


Giuliano Dottori


Giuliano and Loretta

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